Ian Teda

Husband, Father, Engineer, Explorer & Creator

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Hi, I am Ian Teda and this my story so far

I have always enjoyed a good adventure, and cannot help but wonder what is around the next bend. The most rewarding adventure for me at the moment is raising my two young boys – Austin and Dillan, that I share with my beautiful wife Laura.

I have been fortunate to work as a Civil Engineer on some amazing infrastructure projects within NSW and ACT Australia. Some highlights, that I am proud to say I worked on include: balanced cantilever segmental bridges; dry well intake tower and new RCC dam; bulk earthworks on Pacific Highway upgrade; the manufacture of pre-tensioned bridge elements such as pile caps, Super T beams, planks and Reinforced Concrete Box Culverts; the Sydney Light Rail design. My hard work and determination has come with the satisfaction of seeing large infrastructure projects being born, projects that I am proud to tell my boys I have worked on.

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What I am trying to live by

I choose to be authentic through honesty, integrity and transparency. With a spirit for creativity, imagination and adventure. Seeking personal growth by being curious, learning and reflecting. Looking for freedom through the discipline of habit. But most of all I am trying to be useful by adding value in what I do. – Ian Teda


My curiosity has lead to skills in

Project Management

Cost Management, Scheduling, Estimating, Community, & Contract Management


Bridges, Drainage, Dams, Water, Precast, Bulk Earthworks, Drill & Blast, Diaphragm Wall Tunnels, Structures & Light Rail; Engineering Rule Book;


Web Design, Javascript, Java (Andriod), SQL & MongoDB


Videography, Photography, Maker (Arduino, Raspberry Pi) & Music

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