The Hugo Acceleration

I feel the need, the need for fast website build speeds.

Simply put, Hugo is way faster than Jekyll at building your site after pushing edits & commits.


My Jekyll build time was quickly growing and I was finding myself having to fix dependencies every time I felt the need to update Jekyll. I was getting frustrated, having to fight Jekyll when I wanted to be creating content.

Slow builds are a common complaint1 about Jekyll and there are things you can do, like incremental builds. So when I decided my website needed more cross promotion within posts - i.e. a theme update - I looked around for an alternative to Jekyll and found Hugo.

Screen shot of Hugo Website

Jekyll became unbearably slow at compiling my Web site after every change I made. Until, at one point, waiting for the site to compile became a torturous, life-sucking process that I wanted to avoid at all costs

Sara Soueidan

Truth be told I had a working solution in Jekyll and didn’t really need to change. And wonder if I would have got more value out of creating content then making the switch to Hugo. But looking big picture, I hope the Hugo Acceleration will be of value in the long run.

But it was a fun distraction and my build is lightning quicker, thanks to Hugo.

The worlds fastest framework for building websites


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