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Hello and thank you for visiting, my little corner of the Internet.

I created to be useful. By sharing content around ideas, thoughts and projects I am working on. Second to being useful, I wanted to build and manage my - Ian Teda - professional image, brand and authority.

The concept of being useful came from Scott Adams the creator of the Dilbert Cartoons. The answer to the ultimate question of Life, the Universe, and Everything is not 42 but "be useful". Need a business idea? How can you be useful. What should I do in life? Be useful. How can I get people to like me? Be useful[1].

How can I be useful? By providing content around ideas, thoughts and projects, putting a URL to it (thanks Scott Hanselman) and sharing. It comes with the added bonus of helping build a brand, authority, practice my writing and develop ideas through the articulation of writing.

To find out more about me check out the Landing Page

To find out what I am working on check out the Now


  1. Podcast: Scott Adams: The Man Behind Dilbert ↩︎

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