Why Barbells

Why Barbells 2min read

For those of us starting from a low level of general fitness, most exercises will produce benefits. Which is the reason why there are so many believers in "there" system.

Over time it becomes harder and harder to see strength gains past the initial progress.

A regime needs to be able to increase weight incrementally to stress the body past its current equilibrium. The body adapts to the increased stress and gets stronger. Regimes that rely on volume will develop endurance but not much strength past that required for the movement. Strength will help with endurance, but endurance will not help with strength.

You do not see many strong marathon runners.

The body likes to train as a whole system and full range barbell movements do this. Barbell movements help develop bone strength, muscle memory and your neuromuscular system to improve your balance, coordination and muscle recruitment. Training your body for movements you find in everyday life. Lifting things of the ground, over your head, getting off the ground, pulling yourself up, etc.

While machines force you to move the load in a defined path that does not mimic the way our bodies move. The control of the bar and the balance and coordination required is unique to free weights and barbell training.

The business model for most gyms is to get customers signed up on recurring fees and make it as hard as possible to cancel. There ideal customer is a paying member that does not come to the gym. If you do turn up it is much easier for them to put you through a machine circuit, then to train you how to lift barbells and train the trainers how to train you. Their business model is not to get you stronger.

The main problem with barbell training is that most people do not know how to do it correctly.

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